What Have Mechanical Engineers Invented

Mechanical Engineers have invented many things in the past. Everything that you see around you has been invented or have been modified by a mechanical engineer. The car or bike that we use every day to travel is also an invention of a mechanical engineer. The engine used in these vehicles is also invented by a mechanical engineer. The use of the engine is not restricted to just cars or bikes, it is also used in pumps and aircrafts as well.

Thus mechanical engineers have helped to reduce the human efforts. There are also other inventions such as boilers, which have increased the speed of processes drastically and have helped to produce quality products in limited time.

Other inventions include JCP and hydraulic press, which have made it possible to produce immense pressure without any efforts. Thus it has helped to make the life of individual easier. One of the most significant contributions from mechanical engineers is the invention of railways which has made the transport of heavy goods faster and easier.

Other inventions include development of planes and also development of modern air conditioning system. The invention of these have helped to reduce the human efforts to a large extent. Another remarkable invention was that of water turbines. This invention opened the way for water transport, which is still today one of the most used way of transportation.

The invention of refrigerator also helps to change the world. The food could be preserved in a better way using it and thus it helped from wastage of good food. Another remarkable invention is that of the rocket which has opened doors for many deep space inventions, including discovery and better understanding of other planets and stars in the galaxy.

The invention of the gear box has helped to ease the human efforts to a large extent. The gearbox is used in almost every mechanical equipment we use today.

And of course, mechanical engineers invent the tools that they themselves use to build other tools!

How Hard Is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering is very difficult as you have to remember many regulations that are necessary to be followed while designing a structure. Also, if the rules and regulations are not followed properly, it may result in weakening or an imbalance of structures which may result in its fall. Thus, it is necessary that the rules while designing are followed properly and the structure is made accordingly.

A structural engineer needs to perform many tasks at once, which makes the job very difficult. He has to design the building, analyze it for defects, and while ensuring the safety as well.

He needs to follow all the regulations and provide all the necessary requirements as per the demand. He also needs to perform the stress analysis of the structure and ensure that the design can bear the load. He needs to consider the economical factor and has to deliver a design which could be made under the given budget.

While doing all this, he also ensures that there is no damage from his structure of the environment. A design engineer also designs the aesthetics of the building. The aesthetics of the building should be safe, easily approvable and should be made by considering the recent trends in the industry.

Thus a structural engineer needs to keep himself updated with the latest designs and the new trends in the market. Other than that, the comfort level should also be considered like while designing a building, the accessibility of each floor and each room should be considered and should me as comfortable as possible.

Also the building’s design should be such that a handicapped person can have easy access to the building. These small things are also to be considered by the engineer. Other than buildings and bridges, other structures such as towers, oil rigs, ships, etc. are also designed and analyzed by a structural engineer.

Thus a job of the structural engineer is very difficult as his small mistake can result in large catastrophe. The good news is that all this keeps people with structural engineering skills in high demand.

Tools for Mechanical Engineers

A mechanical engineer uses many tools and instruments on a daily basis. The scope of mechanical engineering is way too long and with the recent development of computers and new technology, the tools are also upgraded regularly. Thus a good mechanical engineer needs to stay updated with the recent inventions to deliver good results. The following are some of the tools used by mechanical engineers.


With the recent development in computers, almost everything is connected with it. Various devices like the pressure control valve, input valve or any other device is connected to a computer. The engineer gives the command to the computer which in turns follow it and perform the changes asked from it. Thus, it is very important for a mechanical engineer to have a good knowledge and understanding of computer. Also, various manufacturing machines are also controlled via computer. Thus a mechanical engineer has to deal with a computer on a daily basis.

Strain gauges:

A strain gauge is a device which measures the strain generated in the body and thus helps to determine the total stress to which the body is subjected. Measuring the stresses of the body or object is a very important task as it determines whether the body may fail under stress. A mechanical engineer makes such reading on a regular basis and thus needs to use strain gauge to do so. He calculates the strain using gauge and then determines if is safe for further loading on the body or not.


A caliper is a device which is used to measure the length or the diameter of the given object with great accuracy. It is a small device which gives great accuracy when it comes to measurement. A mechanical engineer generally uses this device while checking the quality of the job manufactured. The most commonly used caliper is a vernier caliper whose least count is 0.02 mm.

Career Options for Mechanical Engineers

After completing mechanical engineering, there are many career options to choose from, but before making a decision, it is wise to determine the interest of the individual.

The most logical option is to pursue ME or M.Tech from a decent college or university. You can use all the skills you have learned during engineering years and make a career by completing your masters. Also, there are many options to choose from when it comes to branch choice. A mechanical engineer can choose his specification for masters like automobile or aeronautical or thermodynamics or productions, etc.

Another option that can be considered is to pursue your higher studies outside the country. There are many good universities for mechanical engineers in countries like Germany, the US, the UK, etc. Thus you can choose a good course at any good university in any of the countries.

The financial factor should be considered while selecting the course as well as pursuing masters in foreign country can be costly. Also, there are many qualifications, exams that you need to pass before applying to these countries. Thus, it is a hard and costly process, but there are some good opportunities that can come after completing the masters.

Another option that needs to be considered is Masters in Business Administration. MBA is a good option and there are many good colleges for it inside and outside the country. Also, it is in great demand nowadays and thus there are many opportunities for the seekers. The MBA can be preferred from within the country or from foreign country depending on the course and its fees.

Also, there are many options in the branches of MBA to choose from like finance, operations, international business, marketing, etc. Most mechanical engineers prefer MBA in operations as they are familiar with operational research. Also, they prefer a problem solving curriculum as they do so in their years of engineering.

Are Structural Engineers in Demand?

Structural engineers are always in demand and they always will be.

A structural engineer does a lot more than just designing a building. He analyzes the building, plans it, checks its safety, technicality, considers economically and also ensures that the environmental balance is not disturbed. Thus a structural engineer has a lot of duties to perform and these duties ensures the safety of people living in those buildings.

A structural engineer can never go out of demand as people will always need houses to live in and thus there will always be a demand for new houses and buildings. This never ending demand of building and structures ensures that there will always be a demand for structural engineer.

Also a building is not a small project. There are many things to consider right from following the regulations to ensuring the safety of the residents. Thus a whole big team of structural engineers is needed just to design a single building. A structural engineer has too many jobs to perform in a single structure.

This work is divided among teams of structural engineers who ensures that they deliver what is asked of them. Thus jobs like safety considerations, following regulations, stress analysis, designing structure, etc. are divided among them. The use of team helps to speed up the process and gives employment to many structural engineers at the same time.

A structural engineer also designs the aesthetics of the building. Thus the look of the building is also designed by the structural engineer. Also, many new designs and structures are made around the globe.

As such, the structural engineer needs to be updated regarding new trends in design so that his designs would be loved by everyone. Also, if a structural engineer can bring some new idea to the table, like new design or a different structure, then his demand increases.

Social Engineering and Evolution

The path of human evolution was always been full of challenges. However, unlike other species on the planet man’s evolutionary progression is predominantly social.

Changes that humans opted for are not that of adding body parts to better survive and to improve themselves. Man preferred the psycho/social path of growth and development. It was his way not to simply be subservient to the forces of nature in terms of providing him the basis for advancement as a species. On the contrary, the human race directed the course of its own evolution. This covers an active and effortful development by instilling things that are progressive and suppressing opposing tendencies. And do you know what is effortless? A good sander for your DIY needs. But back to the main topic.

The effort to mold humans into a more evolved and more advanced creature is partly the same in terms of how other organisms evolve, which is exposure to external forces. However, due to the sentience and social nature of man these forces do not necessarily have to be environmental conditions like temperature, light levels or a certain predator/prey relationship. Man developed evolutionary forces that are exclusive to him. This involves a degree of conditioning and shaping of human behavior and perception. The purpose of this is to refine humans so that they are more likely to survive and to deny the dangerous primal inclinations that are also inherent in him.

This means that the significant social evolution attained by man is due to his effort to socially engineer himself and his society. Man does not normally prey on his fellow man unlike certain predatory species like hawks. What is topping man? What restrains him? The answer is that after centuries of barbarism, conflict and social violence, collective human consciousness realized that such is a direct threat to survival of the species in general. Laws, norms, rules and other socially constructed mechanism of restraint and regulation all involves the promotion of human survival and the suppression of the baser instincts of man.

This operates like both an active and implicit mode of conditioning. Individuals do not casually kill or harm others because of the notion that the consequence of such an act would result to his or her being harmed and even dying as well. The idea of crime and punishment as well as an action and communal response have been conditioned into the human consciousness that human behavior has this as an integral component. On the social level, this leads to the creation of an environment wherein individuals may pursue holistic development and coexist with others. This is the fundamental reason by other creatures; especially predatory kinds do not have society and civilization.

Furthermore, human history clearly establishes that the human race constantly socially engineers itself to attain almost everything. Other species do not actively preserve the environment. However, the human race’s idea is that such act of preservation is essential for his survival. It can be conceded that this is the result of environmental abuse that man caused but the same can be said of other species when they devastate their own habitat.

This establishes that the sum of human civilizations, current attributes as well as achievements are evolutionary developments brought about by social engineering. And this will continue so long as the human race exists.

Home Improvement for Engineers (French Style)

French country décor is inspired by the landscapes and lifestyle of the French countryside. It’s a decorating theme that can bring rustic, old-world charm and character to any home, from the grandest chateau to the coziest cottage. When planning your decorating theme based on French country décor, choose furnishings and materials that evoke comfort and warmth. A great place to start is with your color scheme. You can capture the warmth of the French countryside using colors inspired by nature. Try to incorporate warm golds and yellows, deep red and rust tones, and dark forest greens. Don’t be afraid to paint a bold accent wall in your living room using a rich rust or red color.

Your furniture choices are vast when working with this decorating scheme. For someone with an engineering kind of mentality, it’s an easy style to work in and all you need is a good belt sander and a DIY toolkit.

In French country décor, decorating revolves around choosing several large key pieces of furniture, then working the rest of your decorating theme around these pieces. Look to materials such as iron or copper, natural stone, or rich stained wood. Timeless wood dining sets or armoires are classic staples of French décor. Natural stone fireplaces or furnishings will endure for decades, and help incorporate the outdoors into your design. The use of iron or copper accent pieces can add flair and character to your home as well. Consider the use of copper or metal wall hangings, or let your copper pots hang exposed on hooks in your kitchen to give a truly genuine bit of French country flavor.

French country décor is an enticing blend of old and new. Don’t be afraid to mix some of your old furnishings in with new items. Another option is to refinish some of your existing furniture with new paints, stains, or textures, while adding accessories fitting with your new French décor, such as metalwork, wood or wire baskets, and artwork that invokes the French countryside.

French décor is perfect for the antique lover. Incorporating a beautiful old wooden table or desk can do wonders for your decorating theme.

Other items to consider that can make a big difference in your home’s appearance include exposed wood beams, timbers, or wood columns. Using distressed wood brings a simple, natural beauty to your home. Wood columns or beams can be interspersed with plater walls and ceilings to add to the authenticity of your design.

Flowers are very popular in French country décor, and bunches of fresh flowers in a woven basket, metal watering can, or simple glass vase can add a nice touch to your home.

Another popular theme in French country décor is the use of roosters as a decorating accent. Try using small pieces of artwork, knick-knacks, pillows, tablecloths, or throws to incorporate this whimsical theme.

With a little creativity, you can bring the French countryside to your own home using French country décor.

Engineering a Universe

Was Our Universe Created Artificially?

The debate over creation is one that has been around since the beginning of time. Some say God, some say science. But what about other intelligent life? Is it possible that they created our universe?

While this notion may sound outlandish and completely irrational, there is actually quite a bit of logical evidence to back it up. All it would take to create a universe is a particle accelerator only slightly more powerful than the Large Hadron Collider.

When the LHC was fired up in 2008, there was controversy over whether or not it would create a black hole that would swallow the earth; which is not likely to happen. Although the LHC can, and does, create black holes, they are tiny and only exist for a fraction of a second. However, it is widely believed that black holes are pathways into other universes; the cosmic highways of a “multiverse”. Furthermore, gravity has negative energy, meaning it takes no energy to create a black hole, ere go, it takes no energy to create a universe.

Although these black holes created within particle accelerators are tiny, the fact that gravity has negative energy allows them to expand in their own dimensions, without engulfing our own. This expansion is what happened during the Big Bang. Our Universe exploded from a single point (a singularity), began to expand, and is still expanding as you read this article.

So, is it possible to create a universe? Yes, it is. But that does not mean that if our universe was created by another race of intelligent beings that we as humans were necessarily created by them. All that they would have to do is create the universe, let mother nature run her course, and before you know it, another intelligent race is working towards the same type of technology that created them. Sounds like a nice, full circle story, doesn’t it?